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1 hour

Ukraine Night at Harbor Theater
New Film on Ukraine and Update from Paul Zalucky

Come hear Paul Zalucky, retired CIA station chief in Kyiv and Warsaw, speak about the ongoing situation in Ukraine and see “The Eastern Front: Terror and Torture in Ukraine.” Join us for a harrowing journey to Ukraine’s heart of darkness. Frontline accounts. Unfiltered footage. 

Zalucky, a resident of Southport, spent 28 years as a CIA officer, including tours in in Moscow, Kyiv and Warsaw between 1984 and 2007. He will give us his insights into the current situation in Ukraine as it continues to develop. Zalucky is of Ukrainian heritage, speaks Russian, Ukrainian and Polish, frequently travels to the area and is actively involved with HelpUkraine22, a non-profit charity his colleagues in Kyiv created to provide medical and humanitarian aid to Ukraine’s civilian population during this brutal war.

On this special Ukraine Night, consider a donation to this charity, or one of your choice, to honor those who have died in Ukraine and to help those who are trying to escape, or survive amidst the rubble of their former homes. Go to for more information. Donation jars will be available in the lobby.

“The Eastern Front: Terror and Torture in Ukraine” premiered in London, Los Angeles, and San Francisco in June. Don’t miss this new documentary war film directed by Byline TV filmmaker Caolan Robertson and featuring UK veteran war correspondent John Sweeney (Killer in the Kremlin), UK renowned war photographer Paul Conroy (A Private War, Under the Wire), and US author-turned-journalist Zarina Zabrisky (We, Monsters). The film presents a very real portrayal of the front lines of Bakhmut and Kherson. John Sweeny introduces the film with a brief video setting up the political context for the film. Zalucky will answer questions following the film.

"Russian authorities are battling to keep clips of a new war film from getting widely shared across the social media platform RuTube, the country’s equivalent to Youtube… which gives compelling evidence for the use of illegal weapons and the torture of civilians in Ukraine, as well as documenting the devastation the war has wrought on a once peaceful country." —The London Economic, May 27, 2023

ADA-mandated Audio Descriptive (AD) and Closed Caption (CC) devices available for the visually and hearing-impaired. Inquire at the concession stand.