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For the next thirty days, you can watch new releases you won’t see anywhere else online. Our distributors are offering these films, and 50% of the ticket price will go to Harbor Theater to help us through this difficult time while the theater is closed due to COVID-19.


01 hours 43 minutes
Available May 10-31
In English and French with English subtitles

A lively, entertaining and eye-opening documentary based on Thomas Piketty’s international bestselling book about how an unbridled accumulation of wealth and power at the top does not lead to social progress further down the chain. Filmmaker Justin Pembroke gives us an overview of centuries of economic history in less than two hours, combining pop culture references and interviews with some of the world's most influential experts to shine a new light on growing inequalities, made only worse in the midst of an election year pandemic.

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A sweeping account of rising inequality…
The New Yorker

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