Theater Rentals

Harbor Theater is a volunteer-run 501c3 non-profit organization. To support the theater, we rent our premises to local businesses, organizations and patrons for staff, patron or public gatherings or for sponsoring non-profit 501c3 events. Also, for private and birthday parties.

Rentals must be scheduled in advance and are subject to theater and staff availability and theater approval.

Rentals are possible Monday through Saturday afternoons year-round. Also, on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday evenings from Columbus through Memorial Days.

Rentals are $400 for four hours’ usage (including set up and take down/clean up), $200 @50% discount for 501c3 non-profits and $150 for Private and birthday parties.

Movies must be provided by renters and may be shown for free, for donations or by selling tickets. If the film is advertised or promoted, renter must own the copyright to the film or have filmmaker’s permission in writing, or under special circumstances, pay for a license through the theater.

Renter must provide the film (DCP, Blu-Ray or DVD) at least five days before screening for technical testing.

Renter’s responsibilities include placing any advertising and promotion in the media and throughout the community, for inviting its staff, patrons or public to the film and for selling tickets (or solicitating donations). Harbor Theater, if provided materials at least three weeks in advance, can include the event in its own promotions (website, lobby and community posters, Facebook and media releases) and run trailers on screen.

Theater must also have advance notice if our concession stand is to be open and/or if renter is providing food and beverages. Theater must know caterer’s name and contact numbers.

If alcohol (beer and/or wine) is contemplated, evidence of renter’s or caterer’s liability insurance must also be supplied in advance.

Private and birthday parties ($150 for four hours) must be by invitation only and may not be advertised or publicly promoted or involve tickets sold. Contributions may be solicited. Birthday parties for children 12 years old and under are for up to 20 in attendance with each child offered a small bag of popcorn and small soda. $4 is charged per participant over 20. Theater supplies two tables; renter supplies tablecloths.

Please contact Lisa Perry, Theater Manager, who handles rentals at 522-4149 or email to: