Rental for a birthday party is $150 for use of theater for up to four hours.

Price includes use of theater’s Blu-ray player and digital projector. Renter supplies the film.
Renter is not allowed to advertise title or sell tickets. Blu-ray or DVD disc required at least five days in advance of party for testing.

Theater supplies a table (for birthday cake, pizza etc.); renter supplies tablecloth.

Price includes 20 small popcorns & sodas, $4 for each additional person.

Rental is subject to theater and staff availability. The theater is available for rental during off hours or when
films are not scheduled.

Filmmakers and owners of copyrights to films may rent the theater for a scheduled screening, subject to theater availability. Rental for one show is $400 ($200 for non-profit organizations). Afternoon shows are possible, as well as Monday and Tuesday nights, Memorial Day to Labor Day.

Owner of copyright will be responsible for providing film (DCP, Blu-ray or DVD) at least five days before screening for technical testing.

Renter is responsible for advertising film and selling tickets, or inviting patrons to a free showing. Theater will coordinate with renter and include event in its own scheduled advertising, as requested, on theater’s website, Facebook page, newspaper, and/or screen ad.