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01 hours 43 minutes
Available May 10-31
In English and French with English subtitles

A lively, entertaining and eye-opening documentary based on Thomas Piketty’s international bestselling book about how an unbridled accumulation of wealth and power at the top does not lead to social progress further down the chain. Filmmaker Justin Pembroke gives us an overview of centuries of economic history in less than two hours, combining pop culture references and interviews with some of the world's most influential experts to shine a new light on growing inequalities, made only worse in the midst of an election year pandemic.

In conjunction with Kino Marquee

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A sweeping account of rising inequality…
The New Yorker


Available through May 22
This is the story of Robbie Robertson’s young life and the creation of THE BAND, one of the most enduring groups in the history of popular music. Told from Robertson's perspective, the film is a moving story of his personal journey, overcoming adversity and finding camaraderie alongside the four other men who would become his brothers in music. Together they made their mark on music history, first as Bob Dylan's band, and later on their own. Once Were Brothers blends rare archival footage, photography, iconic songs and interviews with Robertson’s friends and collaborators includ­ing Martin Scorsese, Bruce Springsteen, Eric Clapton, Van Morrison, and more.

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Lively and introspective. A valuable reminder of what The Band left behind.
Hollywood Reporter


Tickets available May 22-June 08
From Peter Cattaneo, director of THE FULL MONTY, and starring Kristin Scott Thomas (THE ENGLISH PATIENT) and Sharon Horgan (CATASTROPHE), it’s the feel-good movie of the year! MILITARY WIVES centers on a group of women from different backgrounds whose partners are away serving in Afghanistan. Faced with their loved ones’ absences, they come together to form the very first military wives’ choir, helping each other through some of life’s most difficult moments, and quickly find themselves on an international stage.

Purchase tickets:  https://militarywivesmovie.vhx.tv/products/military-wives-presented-by-harbor-theatre

Hugely engaging, enormously moving.
Daily Mail


Available May 22-June 5
Master chef, teacher and environmental activist, Diana Kennedy is living proof that size has nothing to do with strength. At five feet tall, the 97-year-old British ex-patriot is still living in Mexico after 60 years of studying Mexican cuisine and writing nine cookbooks, many of which are the Bible of Mexican chefs in the US. She is a bundle of energy, still feisty and energetic, still telling you (sometimes in colorful language) not to put garlic in your guacamole, still driving her ancient truck to one last village where she’s sure to find a new delicious recipe. Diana Is a fireball who is a delight to watch in the kitchen, and even more delightful to listen to as she walks in her vegetable garden explaining how she wants to turn her home in Zitacuaro into a foundation for culinary education.

On Friday, May 22, watch the Q & A after the premiere with famed chef Alice Waters (Chez Panisse), David Tanis (New York Times food columnist) and filmmaker Elizabeth Carroll

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Elizabeth Carroll’s zingy documentary portrait… puts a relevant, environmentally-minded contemporary lens on Kennedy’s cherished traditionalism.


Available May 12-31
This eagerly awaited exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts in London was the first ever retrospective devoted to the portraiture of Edouard Manet. He painted his family, friends and the literary, political and artistic figures of the day, giving life not only to his subjects but also to Parisian society. The exhibition consisted of more than 50 works revealing Manet’s forward-thinking, modern approach to portraiture. Directed by Phil Grabsky.

In conjunction with Seventh Art Productions

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You see the exhibition on screen and learn about it from curators and commentators. It’s fun and informative…
Jonathan JonesThe Guardian


Available through June 5
Visit with a group of quirky New York City booksellers...the ones with the rare books, the dusty books, so many books they don't even know what they have. "It's not about the sale, it's all about the chase," says one. Their love of books and their determination to always find just the right edition makes for a fascinating documentary.

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The Booksellers is a documentary for anyone who can still look at a book and see a dream, a magic teleportation device, an object that contains the world.


Available May 12-31
Who exactly was Chopin? He fled his Polish homeland for Paris never to return, rarely gave concerts and, despite a life of ill-health, wrote some of the most powerful music ever written. Funny, heart-breaking, inspirational – this film, directed by Phil Grabsky, illustrates the true nature of this widely-loved composer.

In conjunction with Seventh Art Productions

PURCHASE TICKETS HERE: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/harborchopin

A superb account providing an understanding of the creative impulse and how it is captured and expressed
The National Business Review

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